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Hereafter MUSICAL Returns To Buenos Aires!

The critically acclaimed Spanish language version of Hereafter Musical; "Quien Retiene A Quien", makes its triumphant return to Buenos Aires at Teatro Picadero on February 17th, 2020. The show premiered at Metropolitan Sura in September of 2017 to sold out audiences and played throughout 2018. It now returns with most of its original cast (Laura Oliva, Meri Hernandez, Florencia Otero and Elis Garcia) along with exciting new additions (Sebastian Holz, Cristina Albero, Gabriela Bevacqua and Nicolas Cucaro) under the direction of Diego Ramos. Hereafter Musical premiered in 2012 at Theater 80 in NY and returned at the Snapple Theater in NY in 2016. The Spanish translation is by Marce Kotilar based on the original "Hereafter Musical" with Book, Music and Lyrics by Vinnie Favale and Frankie Keane.

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