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“Hereafter Musical” Merchandise Is Ready To Ship!

Things Are Heating Up

Boy have we been busy! Frankie and I have had weekly story meetings with our brilliant director Bill Persky (where he is teaching us the fine art of “un-writing” the book). Bill’s influence on the show can’t be understated. Our fingers are numb from writing down and trying to capture the deep wisdom in all of his script notes. We’ve also been having small readings with our cast as we continue to reshape the material. And just to keep our performance skills up to snuff, we had a small showcase at the Friars Club where we were able to get the word out about our show to some of Manhattan’s media elite. We are looking at theaters this week and next. We will be meeting with our set designer the week after next. And we are about to start pre-production of our very first music video (for the song "Waiting")! Oh and one more thing; your “Hereafter Musical” merchandise is ready to ship!!!!!

That’s right! We enlisted the help of some friends and family (they drew the short end of the stick). We locked them in my overheated basement and we did not let them out until they were done packing every last bit of your merchandise. They folded every t-shirt and packaged it with our brand new CD. Then they folded our beautifully sincere form letter and personally paper clipped every single one with our snazzy new business cards. The paper cuts were in the hundreds, the tension was high and everybody ended up with dry tongues…no wait…that was my honeymoon!

We Need Your Shipping Address

We are so excited for you to get this first part of our pledge fulfillment! Now we just need one thing from many of you and that is your mailing address. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to receive a Holiday Card from me in the last few years (remember the one with me as Santa in a Speedo!) then chances are pretty good that I already have your address. For my Late Show and CBS colleagues, your swag will be hand delivered by me so no worries there. But for everyone else, please email us your home address ASAP.

Don't delay because we can’t wait for you to hear how beautiful the CD came out! And the T-shirts are a little slice of Hereafter Heaven! We will be announcing a theater and show dates soon (for April) and then we’ll follow up with you each of you to reserve your dates as we continue our march to off- Broadway (and to you’re your final pledge fulfillment).

Food For Thought

And to the many of you who get to dine with me as part of your pledge, I will be reaching out to you individually in the next few weeks to schedule our meal together! There’s this great new Irish restaurant I want try out (it's called McDonald's I think ;).


Vinnie, Frankie and the entire cast of Hereafter Musical!

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