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We Are At $11,080 And More On The Way

Cookies, Checks And Ambrosia

"C" is for "cookie" which is a word we've heard a great deal about since our last update. More than a few of you have received (and subsequently called us in a panic) over the cookie messages that you have been getting while you have been trying to pledge your hard earned money to our hard working show. For those of you who are frequent shoppers online (especially with Amazon) you have likely not encountered this problem. Rest assured that in the case of Kick Starter and Amazon and Cookies ALL IS SAFE. Everyone calm down! Ok I feel better now. Show your love for the cookie and watch as our number grows even higher. Speaking of which, several of our Amish friends who are still doing math with an abacus have asked us (hey that rhymes...not a good one but it does) if they could skip Kick Starter and just write out a check the old fashioned way. To that we say ( as gratefully as we can) we really want your money BUT we also really need it to come through our pledge page so that we can count it in our totals. Remember, we will NOT get the money if we don't hit our final target. For instance we are sitting on a few thousand dollars which has come in via checks and will soon be posted. So if you are having any problems with the process please feel free to call us and we will talk you off the ledge as we smooth talk you through making your purchase!

Now before we get to the fun part of this update let's give a shout out to all of the folks that have pledged in the past few days. Imagine you are reading this in the voice of Jim Lange, former host of the Dating Game. Please hold all of your applause till the end...


  • Phil Mancari - We don't know Phil which makes it even cooler..he likes us..he really likes us and we don't even share a bloodline.

  • Cionna Buckley - We do know Cionna and we are lucky for that!

  • Mark Mercer - This guy runs one of the most popular Howard Stern web sites!

  • Frank Adjodha - We don't know Frank but he had us at click!

  • Peter Glusker - Our first international pledge...from Japan. He's a big shot at Gilt.

  • Doreen A Cancillieri - Her whole family has seen every version of Hereafter live!

  • Lynn Altman - A dear friend from LA we don't see enough of.

  • Mitch Semel - One of our closest friends and Frankie loves him cause he's from Chicago. He heads up the Onion (yes he's that funny).

  • James E Travers - Don't know James but he has an awesome name.

  • Rosellen Otrakji - One of my smartest friends. Crazy high IQ. We're smarter just by standing next to her. She's Mensa (we're mensa mensa as the Italians would say).

  • Honey Spirito - How great is that name! Met her once but her reputation preceded her. Love at first sight. Awesome women and one tough legal eagle!

  • Greer Kurlander - LOVE Greer...beautiful in and out. She worked with Frankie on that great Simon & Garfunkel documentary that came out last year.

  • Mara Gerschwer - One of the best writer/producers out there. She's such a good friend that she is gifting my pledge call to her to her sister in law.

  • Aari Ludvigsen - Aari is part of this amazing trio called Aari, Barbara & Simon. Keep an eye on Simon, he'll be a big star on his own one day!

  • Lorraine Mazzola - She knows Vinnie since kindergarten. She sings like an angel.

  • T & C Helk - Cathy and I went to St Finbar's in the 60s!!! I have not spoken to her in DECADES. How sweet is she to do this. We could all learn form her!

  • Debbie Favale - This is not THE Debbie. It's a cousin who has always supported our show. But we have slept together (just kidding Debbie(s)!

  • Sal & Kathy Mazzola - One of Vinnie's oldest friends. Went from Kindergarten to 8th grade together...seen each other naked (Sal and I that is).

  • Nanci Ross-Weaver - Nanci is one half of our favorite couple. The other half is Chris. Pray that you have tickets on the same night they attend! Make sure you ask for them. You'll come for Chris and stay for Nanci!

  • Helen Rafferty - Helen and Vinnie went to Brooklyn College together (but didn't know it at the time). Her husband Brian is the wind beneath the wings of "Project Rebirth" and they have three of the coolest kids you could ask for.

  • Denise Oliver - She is a radio legend. Allison Janney played a part based largely on her in the movie "Private Parts". We can thank her for pairing up Howard Stern and Robin Quivers!

  • Zachary Zemla - I don't know Zachary but that is also another cool name. I think it was the name of a villain in a Superman comic.

David Pack wearing his cool "Hereafter" swag t-shirt.

Ok. So here is a VERY VERY special treat. When I was in high school one of my favorite bands was Ambrosia. I wore out their self-titled first album. WNEW-FM in NY played "Holding On To Yesterday" and "Nice Nice Very Nice" in heavy rotation. Their song "Dance With Me George" is EPIC. It's as good as "Bohemian Rhapsody". They transitioned into the eighty's with excellent songs like "How Much I Feel", "Biggest Part Of Me" and "You're The Only Woman" among many many others.

By now, I know you're asking what the hell does this have to do with a musical about dead people singing? Relax, what are you in a hurry? About two years ago I met Ambrosia's lead singer David Pack through a mutual friend. You have no idea what a highlight that was for someone like me (hell someone like you too!). The guy is music royalty in my book. One thing lead to another and before you knew it Frankie and I hypnotized David into recording one of the songs from our show. I encourage you to go to Youtube and look at some the bands classic TV performances. But first you MUST listen to David sing his heart out on our song "Talk To Me". You will recognize his voice immeadiatley immediately!

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