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“Hereafter Musical” explores what happens when a loved one dies from the perspective of  both the living AND the dead. It is December 1999 and three women have come together at the Middletown, New Jersey home of world-renowned medium, Jason Richards. They are participating in a group reading, desperate to make contact with their lost loved ones. They are hoping for a life after death not only for the spirits in the Hereafter but also for themselves in the here and now. 


Unbeknownst to them, the spirits materialize during the reading and, like the living; they are also having a great deal of difficulty moving on. Frustrated in the limbo state they find themselves in; they are resigned to an afterlife of watching life go on without them. But something happens during the session that convinces the spirits that Jason truly has the gift of communicating with the “other side”. Their excitement of making contact is soon quelled when they discover that the only thing keeping them earth bound is their family’s need for closure.  Once they make contact, they will ease theirfamily’s pain, but they will then disappear into the unknown of the Hereafter. 


As the session unfolds, we see the living bond over their shared grief while revealing a side of them that the sprits haven’t seen in a long time. And we watch as the spirits struggle with their difficulty in letting go and contemplating their fate if they choose to make contact.


Dealing with the universal theme of life and death, “Hereafter Musical” takes the audience on a special journey filled with tears, laughter and song. And by show’s end, it delivers a sense of closure for both the  characters AND the audience that is truly aunique and satisfying theatrical experience.


"Hereafter Musical" Cast From Left To Right; Paul Blankenship, Pierce Cravens, Deborah Tranelli, Frankie Keane, Courtney Capek, Carolyn Mignini, Eileen Faxas and Michelle Cabinian [Rear]

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