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Day One Is A Huge Success

The day started off with a whimper with Vinnie's appearance on the Howard Stern show. We say whimper cause that's what he was doing as he left the studio but ended with a scream as the first day pledges passed a thousand dollars!

Vinnie was on the show to host a game show with Howard ("Stern Super Fan Challenge") and he took the opportunity to promote the Kick Starter campaign. Here's a clip from the show which will be available on the Howard Stern "On While the appearance was some what of a train wreck (which means a great segment in the Howard Stern world) it really helped us get the word out about "Hereafter Musical" on Kick Starter.

Special thanks to our first round of supporters. You got our first day off to an AMAZING start. We are currently at $1,330. We are about to send out a mass mailer to the Hereafter Musical fan club so keep checking back and watch the numbers grow. Please feel free to share our Kick Starter link with your friends and family. The quickest way to get to our pledge page is to go to


  • Linda Howard

  • Debra Favale

  • Patrick Barry

  • Eric Garner

  • Patricia Pinto

  • Chaim Diskind

  • Mario Rups

  • Patty Roca

  • Dominick Roca

  • Joshua Johnson

  • Toni Underberger

  • John Craparo

  • Jim Kosmicki

  • Jefferey Ballabon

  • Shawn

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