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Hereafter Musical Is Live!

Thank You, Thank You, No Really....

Thank you to everyone for making our opening night such a special one. My only regret is that I have so few photos. It was one of those special nights where we were so busy living it that we didn't let technology get in the way. But don't let the scarcity of photos fool you. The show launched as big as the Titanic did when it set sail...only this time it made it all the way. The show went off without a hitch. And this was the only time a dark theater in times square had sighs, moans and tissues on the floor for G rated reasons. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. Thank you everyone for the hard work you did on our our show...this is only the beginning!!!! It was quite the scene that I know will be repeated week after week. And if you haven't already, don't forget to order your tickets for this week's performance at Ticketmaster. Use the code FOFV and save 20% off of the ticket price. You can also order tickets the old fashioned way by calling the Snapple box office at 212-921-7862 and save an additional $7.50 from the Ticketmaster fees.

Thank you Cindy Adams for the nice piece on HereafterMusical in this this week's NY Post. Cindy and I go back a long ways and she is hands down the hardest working entertainment columnist in the country. She called me earlier in the week to talk about the show. The subject of loss was at the top of her mind because Joan Rivers' recent passing (they were very close friends).

Press Day With The Entire Company

Frankie and Vinnie surrounding Bill Persky with the entire cast and creative team behind "Hereafter Musical"! Photo: Jeffrey Staab

A Preview of "Waiting" From The Snapple Press Event

"Waiting" from Hereafter Musical press event featuring the entire company at the Snapple Theater on Thursday, September 11th. The cast is not in costume but the staging and their performance more than makes up for that.

Snapple Theater Press Photo

Here's a powerful image from the show. It was taken by CBS photographer Jeff Staab. Again the cast is not in costume but it doesn't detract from the beauty. He has been shooting our show for many years and he never ceases to amaze us with his eye and composition.

After Hereafter

The entire cast along with family and friends gathered at Emmett O'lunney's downstairs for an impromptu after party (something that I think will be a regular occurrence). It was great to see Debbie's family meet with the cast after seeing the show for the very first time.

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