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Hereafter Takes Over The Airwaves!

Radio With Pictures

A lot has happened since our last update (which was over a month ago). It has been 15 weeks since Hereafter Musical opened and we are still going strong with audiences growing every week. We had a busy month of press and promotion and managed to conquer the airwaves in just about EVERY medium including; Radio on WABC-77 with Laura Smith, Television with Tamsen Fadal on WPIX 11, Diane Macedo on WCBS 2, and Shannon Lanier and Jina Johnson on Arise-TV. We even did some Webcasting with Steve Langfordon Talk Center America, Satellite Radio with Jackie's Joke Hunt on Sirius XM and good old fashioned Print with Michelle Tuchol from Community Magazine.

WCBS Interview With Diane Macedo

We taped an interview on WCBS Channel 2 with the lovely Diane Macedo. This was the very first TV we did for this run of the show and it came out great. Diane knew all about the show and let us preview some songs from the production. It was done at 7am so we look very sleepy! It also explains why we are not talking over each other for a change!

WPIX Interview With Tamsen Fadal that's how you tell a story. The WPIX piece on Hereafter Musical was PERFECT. They covered the back story on the show's origins and the main story so beautifully (including a moving interview with DJ Wheeler's family). Thank you Kim Pestalozzi, Jessica Bellucci and Tamsen Fadal for taking such great care of our show and for honoring DJ. Here is the piece that aired and some additional segments with the cast:

Interview With Shannon Lanier and Jina Johnson On Arise 360

We had no idea what to expect when Frankie and I met up at Arise 360 for our interview. Man, were we blown away! The hosts (Shannon Lanier and Jina Johnson) made us feel so welcome. They asked great questions and gave us plenty of time to promote Hereafter Musical. And to add to the excitement, the whole thing was done live! And we are happy to report none of those seven words you can's say on TV were ever uttered!

Talk Center America With Steve Langford

We had THE most surreal webcast interview with the one and only Steve Langford on Talk Center America last night. It's a pretty cool web channel that hosts a wide variety of web shows. I think the one we did with Steve defies all categories! Steve is the former news director of Howard Stern's Sirius Channel. He uncovered the strange but true connection between the Howard Stern Show and the genesis of Hereafter, the "Restless, Restless" phenomena, he showed some rare "Debbie Tape" footage, we watched as Frankie struggled to stay within the frame of her web cam and Pierce Cravens [he pays Eddie in our show] even sings "Nineteen" live! It's a jam-packed hour that's a cross between Wayne's World and the Joe Franklin Show!

WABC 77AM Radio Interview With Laura Smith

In case you missed it, we were on the radio with Laura Smith this past Saturday. Laura hosts a great show called the Saturday Cafe. Listen to it if only to hear how hypnotizing Laura's voice is! Just click on the Soundcloud player below.

Sirius Satellite Interview With Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling

A personal highlight for me on our little media tour was spending an hour with my old friend from the Howard Stern Show; Jackie "the Joke Man" Martling. I don't think Frankie had any idea what she was walking into but she had a blast (at least it sounds like she did). The theme of this edition of Jackie's show was "Kicking The Bucket" in honor of our show! Just click on the Soundcloud player below.

Community Magazine Interview

By: Michelle Tuchol

For some people, nothing says more about success than to see a work of labor and love come to life, and have a captive audience appreciate it just as much. Vinnie Favale, vice president of CBS Late Night, has the pleasure of experiencing that success every Saturday afternoon in his first production, “Hereafter Musical,” an uplifting story about life after death for the departed and... [Read More].


We interrupt this media blast to remind you that our 50% off ticket promotion is still running. That's right, you heard are only $40. Just use the following discount code; V40 when calling the box office [212-921-7862] or through Ticketmaster.

DJ Wheeler's Family Visits Hereafter Musical

We were honored to have DJ Wheeler's family spend the day with us for the WPIX segment. Joining us were DJ's parents Joanne and Dennis and his sisters; Erin and Allison - Photo: Vito Catalano

WPIX Talks To The Cast Of Hereafter Musical

Tamsen Fadal and Kim Pestalozzi from WPIX interviewing the cast and the Wheeler family.

The Psychic & The Sidekick Wish You A Happy Holiday

Our favorite psychic Jason Richards (aka Paul Blankenship) and his sidekick Anita Moriarty (aka Frankie Keane) along with the cast and family of Hereafter Musical wish you all the happiest of holidays.

See you at the Snapple in 2015!

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