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Looking Back/Looking Ahead

Stop The Presses!

It's been an exciting week in the world of "Hereafter Musical". We announced our open ended run at the Snapple Theater Center beginning September 13th and got a tremendous pick up in the press including;

Playbill...who somehow decided that Alan Kalter was making a move from the announcer of the Late Show to off-Broadway!

Broadway Buzz...which has the absolute worst picture of Frankie and I have ever taken. The both of us defy gender! They also forgot to mention our music director William do you leave that out?! But we're still grateful for any coverage!

The Manhattan Theater Examiner...a beautifully written piece by Valerie Smaldone.

Daily News...who thanks to Don Kaplan's insight, found an apt comparison to the current state of Late Night TV and the hereafter.

Vinnie, Frankie and Bill

If you haven't already, don't forget to order your tickets for "Hereafter Musical" at Ticketmaster. Use the code FOFV and save 20% off of the ticket price. You can also order tickets the old fashioned way by calling the Snapple box office at 212-921-7862 and save an additional $7.50 from the Ticketmaster fees.

A Look Back At Our Cast Performing "Waiting" In 2012

"Waiting" from Hereafter Musical featuring the entire Company [Theater 80 April 2012]

Another Look Back With Theresa Caputo

Our amazing cast, creative team and family from our last production at Theater 80 in 2012. We are joined by our good friend Theresa Caputo aka The Long Island Medium. Theresa took time out of her crazy schedule that day and came to the show with her husband Larry. We were honored to have her!

A Look Ahead...Frankie & Vinnie Make Some New Friends

We spent Friday meeting with our new stage manager [Bernita Robinson], some of our new cast members [Courtney Capek, Maggie Kelly] and Frankie's understudy [Vanessa Dunleavy]! We brought them up to speed on their characters before we throw them in the deep water next week.

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