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Your Love Keeps Lifting Us Higher

To paraphrase Jackie! This is not an optical illusion...that really is $7,880 on just the third day (and it's not even noon yet!). Here is our second special "roll call of thanks" to our most recent pledge/ticket buyers. You guys have no idea what it means to us and to the cast and crew of "Hereafter Musical". And for those of you who have purchased tickets to previous showcases this is a great reminder to do so now :). Help spread the word by posting our Kick Starter link on your Facebook page. The link is: And those of you on our mailing list can also forward our email out to your contacts.


  • Jonathan Goldberg

  • Donna Dees Thomases

  • Maria De Palma

  • Susan Favale

  • Susan Korn

  • Toby and Ken Grossman

  • Diane Carlton

  • Rose Stallmeyer

  • Leigh

Here is a special "Hereafter Musical" bonus and it's a very special one. Pat Barry is a very very dear friend (he was also one the FIRST people to pledge for tickets here!!!). He is insanely talented. He fronts a very popular band from upstate NY (Navar). He has a great solo body of work and now has just launched an excellent musical side project with his brothers (Barry Brother's Band). Their new EP is out now. You MUST buy this. I can say that I have the honor of "knowing Pat when". Pat has always been so generous with both his time and his talents when it comes to our show. This rare video is from November 2005 (yes the show is that old!). It's Pat on acoustic guitar playing and singing "Nineteen" for the very first time (by first I mean FIRST because at this point the only person who sang this arrangement was myself on a demo that I pray will NEVER see the light of day!). This was the very first song I wrote for the show and Pat's performance (and encouragement) gave me the confidence I needed to pursue this insane Noah's ark like pursuit of doing the impossible. The location is John Titta's office in NYC. John is one of the music industry's top publisher and was a midwife/song whisperer on this and several other songs form the show. Enjoy!

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