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We Have Our Dates!!!!!

​Things Are Happening

I know we went form lots of emails to radio silence since the end of our insanely successful Kickstarter campaign. We have all been hard at work getting everything in order for our off-Broadway debut in April. We are almost done building our creative team (and it's pretty damn impressive). We are in pre-production for our very first music video (for the song "Waiting") and are getting ready to launch our new website. By now you all should have received your "Hereafter Musical" merchandise (and if you haven't please email me ASAP). And for all of you that pledged for phone calls, lunches or dinners, rest assured, all will be fulfilled!

I Read The News Today Oh Boy

There's lots of great news coming out in the next few weeks (including a big piece in the Jersey Star Ledger's "Inside Jersey" magazine). They did a photo shoot and interviewed lots of people associated with our back story. We also will be featured in CBS "Watch Magazine" (hmm I wonder how that happened?).

Book Your Dates Now!

But the biggest news right now is that WE HAVE OUR DATES! We are excited to announce that “Hereafter Musical” will have its off-Broadway premiere on Tuesday, April 24th at 8pm. It will be the first of SIXTEEN SHOWS that we will be performing! We will get you exact theater information in a follow up email. The space we are looking out is perfect for our show and we are just waiting to tie up a few details. But we feel it’s important to get you the dates and times so that you can lock in your ticket reservations right now. We need you make these arrangements ASAP because we still have 1,826 tickets to sell (on top of what we’ve already reserved for you). It’s a small theater that seats 160 people. Since it’s unlikely that all you will want the same day, we have reserved a block of the best seats for each performance just for you. We are going to try and hold off selling the remaining tickets until we book all of the Kickstarter supporters. Email us your first and second choices as soon as you can. And if you pledged a large block of tickets, the more date choices you give us the better. Once I confirm your date, you’ll get an official, confirmation email from the theater with all of your ticket information.

We’ll be sending you another email in the next week or so, which will have a link for you to share with friends and family who may also want to come see the show. They will be able to purchase their tickets online.

These are exciting times for our “Hereafter Musical” family of which you are now all a part of. Thanks again because NONE of this would have been possible without your support

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